What does it do?

Automated WhoIS

Domain name WHOIS data is automatically retrieved for each domain. This is an essential feature for domain owners to keep up to date with the domain information.


Manage Domain Portfolio

Manage your whole portfolio from the Admin page. Visually identify upcoming expiration dates, number of offers made and specific domain data.

Offer Management

Users can conveniently make an offer on a domain for sale. Domain owners have access to an Offer Management Dashboard

more features


Global coverage

Multi language support
Multi-Currency Support

Support TLDs from around the world

Import domain names

Imports large number of domain names
Manually import domain names
Import multiple names at once

Payment Services Integration

Show buy button for each domain
Plugin supports Paypal, Bitcoin
Flexible to customer any other type

Which plugin is best for you?

Great way to promote and market your domain portfolio

Domain management tool with many features



  • $15
  • Automated WhoIs
  • Domain Import
  • -
  • Simple Offer Management
  • -
  • -
  • Buy Now


  • $45
  • Automated WhoIs
  • Domain Import
  • Batch Domain Import
  • Enhanced Offer Management
  • Multi Language/currency Support
  • Payment Integration
  • Buy Now


Domain Management

My Domain List plugin is a domain management tool for WordPress. If you are looking to market domains for sale or you want to manage your domain portfolio from a WordPress site, this is a great and affordable option. The plugin automatically retrieves whois information for each domain name on the portfolio keeping the domain information always up to date. The plugin provides the option for customers to make an offer on domain names. All the offers can be managed from the WordPress dashboard where you can initiate the conversation with the potential buyer. The plugin has a variety of features including presentation options, pagination, multiple currency, etc.

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