My Domain List Professional Change Log

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* Version: 1.3.9 – Added Offer Management Configuration options, Added support for more currencies (AUD, CNY, NZD) and updates to the General Setting for social media links. * Version: – Fixed image size on the Extension tab for the WordPress 4.4.1 version * Version: 1.3.8 – Fixed issue with WordPress 4.4 version showing You […]

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Getting Started Install & Activate Add Domain Names Display Domain List (shortcode) Update Settings Manage Domain List Manage Offers Add Buy Button Add Premium Widget TLDs supported Get Started in three simple steps: Install & Activate the plugin learn about it Add domain names to your list learn about it Display domain list for users […]

TLDs support

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The plugin supports all major generic top level domains. In addition it also supports the following TLDs .ae .aero .ag .asia .at .au .audio .be .biz .br .ca .cat .ch .client .cn .coop .cz .de .edu .es .eu .fi .fm .fr .hu .idna .ie .in .info .int .is .it .lt .lu .me .mobi .museum […]