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Once your domain portfolio is imported into the WordPress site, you can now use My Domain List Pro shortcode to display the list to the end user on any page or post.

Simply place the shortcode below on a post or page and the domain list will appear with all associated metatags. Only one shortcode can be displayed on a single post/page.

[my-domain-list-pro /]

This shortcode has available attributes to allow the user to customize the data displayed on the domain list. The attributes are: Size, Show, and Categories. Multiple attributes can be used in one shortcode.

Shortcode Options


Size attribute specifies the size of the plugin to be display on the site:

[my-domain-list-pro size='medium' /]

The available values for the size attribute is:

  • short
  • medium
  • large

Only one option should be specified per shortocode. If no size attribute is specified within the shortcode, the default behavior is to display the table as large.


The Show attribute lets the user control which columns should be displayed on the domain list table.

[my-domain-list-pro show='owner,extension,registrar' /]

The available values for the Show attributes are:

  • owner
  • extension
  • registrar
  • created
  • changed
  • expires
  • price
  • offer
  • buy

The domain name column will always display by default without the user having to specify it in the Show attribute.

The ‘buy’ option is only valid if the domain post has been updated with a code from a payment service provider. For more information on that, please visit
Integrating My Domain List Pro with a Payment Service

The ‘offer’ option displays an ‘Make an Offer’ button. To learn more about the Make an Offer process, follow this link.

These attributes can be specified in any order in which the user would like to display them and they must be separated by a comma. If no ‘Show’ attribute value is provided, the default behavior is to display all columns.


The plugin also offers the ability to only display domain names associated with a particular domain category. The category for each domain must be set for the domains during import in bulk or while individually editing the domain post.

The Category attribute only accepts one category within the shortcode. For example:

[my-domain-list-pro category="service" /]

In this example, the shortcode would render a list of domain names associated with the ‘service’ category.

FAQ related to Display Domain List

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