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Get Started in three simple steps:

Install & Activate the plugin

learn about it

Add domain names to your list

learn about it

Display domain list for users

learn about it

Installation & Activation

Installing My Domain List plugin follows the general WordPress plugin installation. It requires a few simple steps:

  • Download the zip file and extract the contents to your local computer.
  • On the browse, navigate to your WordPress site admin.
  • Click on Plugins -> Add New located on the left menu bar.
  • Next to the 'Install Plugins' heading, click on 'Upload Plugin' link.
  • Click Browse and navigate to the location where you saved the extracted plugin files.
  • Select the or file.
  • Click Install Now
  • Once successfully installed, click 'Activate plugin'.

Add domain names

After you install the plugin on your WordPress site, navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard. The option for My Domain List Plugin will be on the top left menu.

The plugin offers two ways in which you can import your domain portfolio.You can import a list of domain names, by entering the domain names via the plugin or by importing a list of domains via .csv file.

Watch the video to learn more about importing domain names into the WordPress site.

Display Domain List

Once the domain names are imported into the WordPress site, use the plugin's shortcode to display the list to the customers on a page or post.

Simply place the shortcode below on a post or page and the domain list will appear with all associated meta tags. Only one shortcode can be displayed on a single post/page.

[my-domain-list-pro /]

Learn more about shortcode options

The video below will show you show to display the domain list on a WordPress page with the plugin's shortcode.

Settings Options

Follow the steps to import your list of domain names into the WordPress site.

My Domain List Pro offers various types of configuration settings so you can customize the domain portfolio to best suite your needs.

The configuration options are :

  • General Settings – currency options, shortcode explanation, etc.
  • Domain List Settings – domain list display options such as filtering and pagination.
  • Layout Settings – domain list presentation options such as color, layout style, etc.
  • Offer Management settings – content display options for the Offer dialog.

Manage Domain List

Learn all the options to manage your domain list with the plugin in the video below.

Offer Management

With the plugin, users can make offers on domain names listed on the portfolio. Learn more about the make an offer process. There are also configuration options available to change the offer email content in the Settings page.

Once an offer is submitted, an email notification sent to the WordPress site admin. The email is sent to the Default Admin’s email address – this email address can be found in WordPress Admin -> Settings > General Settings.

All the offers can be managed via WordPress Dashboard home panel. Locate the My Domain List Offers box

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