How to Add Domain Names from CSV file

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Import from a .csv file

You can import domain names from a .csv file. The file can be of any name, but it must be a .csv format. The file also needs to have pre-defined header names.

“mdlp_post_title” = the post title. Usually the domain name i.e My-
“mdlp_post_desc” = the description of the domain “mdlp_post_excerpt” = the post excerpt “mdlp_post_date” = the post date
“mdlp_post_author” = the post author
“mdlp_domain_price” = the domain price
“mdlp_domain_url” = the domain url if you want to point to a different url then the domain name
“mdlp_domain_is_premium” = indicates whether the domain is premium or not

You don’t have to use all those headers, you can pick and choose which one is appropriate for the list of domains you are adding. You should have one line per domain and the text data should contain double quotes around it.
Here is a sample file that you can use:


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