My Domain List Professional Change Log

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(last updated on 10/25/2017)
* Version: 1.4.2 – Added new feature – Add Buy Button to many domains at once ( in batch mode ). Vietnamese currency support – Vietnamese đồng ₫.
* Version: 1.4.1 – Added new feature – Bulk Edit for Domain Price and Category. Fixed issue with Category filter. Category dropdown filter now displaying all assigned categories.
* Version: 1.4.0 – Activation required for support and free upgrades
* Version: 1.3.9 – Added Offer Management Configuration options, Added support for more currencies (AUD, CNY, NZD) and updates to the General Setting for social media links.
* Version: – Fixed image size on the Extension tab for the WordPress 4.4.1 version
* Version: 1.3.8 – Fixed issue with WordPress 4.4 version showing You are not allowed to edit posts in this post type.
* Version: 1.3.7 – Add category back into My Domain List Menu, Fixed issue with Encoding Buy Button code from escrow, Removed Refresh WhoIs capability, and Fixed minor issue with admin footer text
* Version: 1.3.6 – Enhanced Extension Page. Added ability to self install new versions.
* Version: 1.3.5 – Updates to look and feel of Admin screens. Added new support library (simple admin pages). Extensions to enhance the domain experience. Added Hebrew Language.
* Version: 1.3.4 – Support to multi language and removed reference to external whois api. whoisapi is built into the plugin. Add Brazilian Portuguese Language.
* Version: 1.3.3 – Fixed issue with widget links and category filtering. Meta data issue for dates fixed as well. If you upgrade and the domain dates (Expire, Created, Changed) no longer appear, first don’t panic the data is saved. Second, refresh the Domain post and it should be resolved. If you are adding or update domain dates, it should work for you without any effort.
* Version: 1.3.2 – Added Category as a filter option, Updates to widget – added sort option of Date (newest first), and fixed Extension data filter issue.
* Version: 1.3.1 – Get Owner name from Raw Data, Fixed Display issues on Domain Post (date, Show Make offer button) and added CSS classes for customization. Fixed “Issue updating data” problem.
* Version: 1.3 – Disable Name as link from the Settings page and Fixed issue with Whois data not showing up (due to .com not displaying Owner’s name)
* Version: 1.2.9 – Added new currency (CAD) & updated pricing format
* Version: 1.2.8 – Index issue in PHP 5.4 fix and Whois Call update
* Version: 1.2.7 – Widget fix and some minor PHP 5.3 fixes.
* Version: 1.2.6 -Updates for WP 3.5 and bug fixes (currencies in order process & table prefixes)
* Version: 1.2.5 – Improved Memory Consumption
* Version 1.2.1 – Added Custom Category Filtering
* Version 1.2 – Added Widget for Premium domains with Price sorting order & Fix Alfa numeric issue
* Version 1.1.01 – Fix Date fields display & Show currency on user table & Automatic support for custom post type thumbnail & redirect url issue
* Version 1.1 – Quick Edit Price, Offer Count on Admin table, Bug Fixes
* Version 1.03 – Added Offer Notification & Layout options Features & using Google CDN to load jquery-ui.css
* Version 1.02 – Buy Options update
* Version 1.01 – Featured Image box conflict fix
* Version 1.0 – the initial release.

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